Need For Professional Medical Transcription Services

It was not long ago when medical offices and hospitals relied on hard-copy charts to contain each patient’s treatment and history notes. Illegible writing incorrectly deciphered by nurses, office staff and insurance companies often resulted in costly and dangerous mistakes. With access to medical transcription services and electronic filing, medical documentation has become more efficient for doctors in private practice and hospitals, helping to prevent those kinds of errors.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using A Professional Transcription Service.

Make Documentation Easier:

Thanks to toll-free phone dictation, hand held digital recorders and smart phone applications, dictating medical notes has never been easier. The ability to save time and money on administrative paperwork is a huge benefit. As a physician, you simply dictate notes using your favorite dictation capture method and you are ready to see your next patient in a matter of minutes.

A professional transcription service like ours will type out your oral notes and proof them for errors. In 12 hours, you get them back into your hands so you can file them safely. You do not have to worry about searching for lost files or deciphering hand-typed notes. This is perhaps one of the most time-saving benefits of using a transcription service. If you are an EHR/EMR user, your dictated notes are transcribed and automatically populated in the patients charts using a secure HL7 interface.

Improved Accuracy:

AcuTrans Solutions’ professional transcription service offer several levels of quality control to make sure there are no typos, misspelled words or incorrect medical terms. Our transcriptionists are trained in multiple medical specialties such as orthopedics, neurology, psychology or cardiology to assist your office according to your individual needs.

We have a 3 tiered quality control process where by a document goes through 3 different stages of production. We have professional editors and clinicians to proofread your documents. In order to match that level of accuracy you would have to hire several in-house employees to get equal quality control.

More Free Time:

Whether you want to spend more face time with your patients or get home in time for dinner, our transcription service can help solve time management issues. If you are tired of sitting in front of a computer for hours after work to catch up on charting, outsourcing your dictation may be just what you need.

Save Money:

It is more cost effective to outsource medical transcription services rather than use in-house personnel. Consider the costs of hiring full-time transcriptionists. By the time, you add the salary, health insurance, payroll and unemployment tax for just one employee much less a team, outsourcing is a more cost efficient solution.  Not to mention the physical space, technology, equipment and office supplies necessary for each employee.

Insurance companies do not make it easy to process claims, and if you forget to cross a T or dot an I, they can deny payment. With the advent of ICD-10 codes, delayed payments have become a norm in the medical industry, to top it off there is an acute shortage of coders nationwide.  A professional transcription company like AcuTrans Solutions provides combined transcription & coding service, we keep your chart notes in first-rate order so processing insurance claims can go smoothly.

Whatever method of dictation you choose; keep in mind we have a service to fit almost every need. AcuTrans Solutions offers scalable options and can customize for practices of any size. Even if you have fallen behind and just need one-time help to catch up, you have us to cover up.  AcuTrans Solutions services have set the standard for transforming unstructured notes into tidy medical reports, and it is easy to see why so many physicians use them.

AcuTrans Solutions provides high quality, consistent and secure transcription services, with a guaranteed 12 hour turnaround time. They are a crucial benefit to medical professionals, physicians, doctors and surgeons to coordinate their patients care in office, hospitals and clinics.

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