What is the Future of the Transcription Industry?

At AcuTrans Solutions, we take accuracy and quality of service very seriously. While it is assumed dictations can be a relatively simple task of listening, interpreting, and formalizing physician notes for patient records, we know all too well that linguistics and semantics can be the difference between poor treatment and a return to health and optimal function. 

A medical transcriptionist requires a variety of knowledge bases, including medical lexicon, anatomy, physiology, language, grammar, and word processing programs. There is no room for error, since medical records must be accurate.  While there are many technological support devices available, nothing can replace the human listening, analytical and reasoning skills required to accurately record patient records.
The pinnacle of service for AcuTrans Solutions is based on the importance of accuracy. While speech recognition software has been available for over a decade, many errors can be made when the voice speaks complex medical terms. There are many words with similar sounds, and even doctors sometimes make mistakes in their speech. AcuTrans Solutions works to capture these sound errors and all typed errors that have been generated by voice recognition programs.

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years, suggesting that people are slowly being replaced by machines with respect to certain jobs. Yes, computers are great, but they cannot do everything a human can. A person is more reliable than a computer, especially with respect to medical transcription.  For our clients and the patients, they serve: reliability is everything!

We only work with transcribers with relevant backgrounds and experience in the medical industry.  We routinely offer training and workshops to update our employees on the latest legislative changes in healthcare as well as for coding updates.  We hire the best in our industry and promote a culture of respect for each other and great care for our clients.  Our clients’ liability and integrity are our priority.

We know that patient records need to be handled with great care and attention to detail as well as expedited in a manner that assists medical professionals in staying ahead of their patients’ needs.  That is why we continuously strive for innovations as well as facilitate career advancement and education opportunities for our transcribers

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