The Transcription Industry According to Acutrans

Medical Transcribing is not a job for everyone.  It requires many inherent traits such as logical and intuitive thinking as well as a keen eye for written text and a sharp ear for audio verbal linguistic scenarios that may not be accurate.  A background in medical terminology and medical office experience also fosters a familiarity with the nomenclature that is extremely valuable.  Ever watch a medical show on tv and wonder how they spout off all that complicated terminology?  Medical transcribers live and breathe those medical terms.  It is a career that thrives on diligence, precision thinking and the ability to stay laser focused for hours at a time.

We all know that doctor’s handwriting is often sloppy at best.  And we don’t blame them.  It’s difficult, if not impossible to write and give your patients full eye contact (aka bedside manner) at the same time.  That is why the transcription experts at ACU Trans Solutions, with their combined experience in healthcare have created a standardized questionnaire for the doctor’s benefit. This allows Physicians to check boxes standard to their treatment discipline before making the unique notes pertaining to the individual client.

Acu Trans Solutions is advanced in their efforts to simplify note taking for doctors and create efficient procedures for documenting their patient’s records and notes for treatment plans.  Medical records and treatment notes are extremely important.  They can be the difference between great medical care and an unpleasant patient experience. 

For doctor’s, there is significant risk involved in not having excellent transcription services. As well, the time it takes to document your own notes can be exhausting as well as demanding on internal resources if it is passed on to administrative staff.    All of this can add up to low office morale, paperwork and red tape frustration and a departure from a laser focus on your own practice.

AcuTrans Solutions has developed a 2 tier editing and analyzation process for delivering a 99% accuracy rate of transcription services.  Having spent over 11 years developing digital software solutions for the medical community, Acutrans noticed a significant quality gap in transcription services and the compatible software’s available to doctors.  They have recognized that the software is only as efficient as the human talent that is acquired to utilize it.  They believe the value is truly in the transcriber and that is why they focus primarily on hiring top quality talent and the relationships between their staff and the facilities they serve. 

Acutrans is driving innovation in the advancement of both training and technologies in the transcription industry, investing personal resources in researching and developing state of the art softwares that will best serve their clients while sustaining a diverse, well trained staff of highly experienced transcription experts.

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